Malaysia info #13 (Japanese traditional soba “Kuriya”)


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Went to the Japanese restaurant “Kuriya” which serves Japanese noodles “soba”.

Soba itself is home made by Japanese chef.

This article is reviewing about the menu double meat soba. My favorite menu in Kuriya is duck meat soba (Kamo soba) at different link I’m reporting about duck meat soba (Kamo soba) if you are intrested in the best menu in Kuriya please review from below link.

#46 Exquisite duck meat soba in Malaysia “Kuriya”


Japanese Handmade soba “Kuriya”

Kuriya restaurant
Kuriya restaurant
Inside Kuriya
Inside Kuriya

The coutner shown the Japanese culture and not only soba but seafood is also popular.

In the menu I feel like want to eat double meat soba so I order that.

For side menu we order soft shell crab salad RM29.80 (8USD)、Agedashi Tofu RM12.80(3USD) and Mentai chees tamagoyaki RM18.80(5USD). Agedashi tofu is fried bean cord and mentai chees tamagoyaki is Japanese omelette. Mentai is Mentaiko its bit spicy fish eggs (caviar).

Agedashi Tofu picture
Agedashi Tofu
Soft shell crab salad picture
Soft shell crab salad
Mentai chees tamagoyaki
Mentai chees tamagoyaki

Soft shell crab is the one I knew during my stay in Malaysia. The shell is bit soft and crab it self is tasty. I now big fan of this crab salad.

Agedashi Tofu will serve in very hot condition but I didn’t eat delicious agedashi tofu in while.

Double meat soba picture
Double meat soba

Main is double meat soba RM24.80(6USD). Soup and soba was perfect but the meat was not the thing I expected.

Kamo soba (cold) RM27(7USD)is much more better and delicious.

But even compare with original in Japan the soba itself is not so expensive.

For the last ordered dessert Chocolate Fuji RM18.80(5USD)

Chocolate Fuji
Chocolate Fuji

The bottom side was mainly filled with cereal flakes. So it was also defferent from what I expected.

I learned that to order dessert in Japanese restaurant is to order the simple thing such as match ice. Of course dessert was good but just my personal comment for this.

If you go before lunch time you might have chance to see how they make the soba.

If you like soba or want to try delicious soba in Malaysia currently I only know Kuriya. So if you are intrested please come here to join the delicious soba.

Other than Kuriya maybe you can try Rakuzen which is more common in Malaysia as Japanese restaurant.

Malaysia info#5 (Valuable Japanese Restaurant Rakuzen)

Restaurant Info

“Kuriya” is inside Bangsar Shopping Centre.

From Kuala Lumpur by car it tooks around 20mins but depends on time of traffic.

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

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