The place to go before die was true! Things to do at Uyuni#3

Uyuni photo

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At last day of Uyuni I choose different tour company for 1 day tour and not to take tour at Hodaka.

If you are more intrested at Hodaka tour please refer other article below.

At Hodaka I joined below tour.

  1. Full Day + Sunset 10:00〜19:30  Fee:33 USD Main course for sightseeing
  2. Starlight + Sunrise 3:00〜8:00  Fee:25 USD Watch starry sky and sunrise at Uyuni
  3. Sunset + Starlight 16:00〜22:00 Fee:25 USD Watch sunset and starry sky at Uyuni
  4. Starlight 23:00〜3:00 Fee:25 USD Watch starry sky at Uyuni

If you want to see more about the mirrored lake please refer #1 it’s also including how to transport from Uyuni airport to Uyuni town

#2 is about 1day tour and starlight tour. It’s really regret that at that time I didn’t have my own camera so only take by my phone so maybe cannot notice how nice it is.


How is another tour company!?

For the last day at Uyuni I took different tour company.

At Google Map it shows Expediciones Estrella del sur Bolivia but when checking the homepage seems like the location is different so refer below map for the correct location.

The tour I take here was same 1 day tour and the price was also same 33USD.

Even I request them to send me to the airport after the tour is finish price didn’t change.

You can bring your luggage to tour desk and to keep until you return so no worry on it.

The thing you better not to do before come Uyuni

Please don’t reserve any tour from the travel agency in your country.

They might explain that if you don’t reserve the tour will be full but that is not possible.

I went they during New Year season and all my tour was booked at the site on the same day or 1 day before but still there were space to book.

At Uyuni there are plenty of travel agency so no worry on it.

If you book at Uyuni it’s more cheap.

Train cemetery Cementerio De Trenes

Tour contents for 1 day tour didn’t have much difference between Hodaka 1 day tour.

The first place we go was Train cemetery Cementerio De Trenes. But 1 lucky thing was we encountered an alpaca nomad.

Due to alpaca large herd were crossing across the road we needed to stop until they finish.

Alpaca herd
Alpaca herd

At train cemetery I searched the place I didn’t go last day.

Train cemetery at Uyuni
Train cemetery at Uyuni

Uyuni lake mirrored spot

Once you arrive to the mirrored spot firstly we took lunch at this amazing place.

Our tour guide took unique video for us.

The unique part is uploaded to the Youtube so please refer.

To the place to see before die Uyuni salt lake!(死ぬまでに見るべき絶景ウユニ塩湖へ!)

Uyuni mirrored lake
Lunch at Uyuni lake

This place didn’t have much water so the ground was able to see when taking the mirrored photo but in this trip all day during the daytime the weather was very fine so that was good thing for us.

I regret that didn’t have drone so envy when I see the movie with drone.

To see the mirrored lake the rainy season is December to March but according to the tour guide March is the best.

Trick art at Uyuni lake

Mirrored photo at Uyuni
Uyuni trick art

Left picture is not trick photo but if there are no wind it can reflect to the water clearly.

You’d better wear flashy cloth so the landscape will be more nice.

Right side photo is the trick art taken at dry area by our tour guide.

Uyuni has a high level of horizon and you can see the horizon, which makes this kind of trick art easy. Here, the guide will do everything for you. If you want to use the items you can give them to the guide and they will use.

This tour guide was professional even he take the photo or video but if it’s not nice he will do it again so especially to take video we had take3.

Pringles and dinosaur was prepared by the tour guide.

Uyuni trick art

If you are going to do the trick art this scene cannot miss.

But no worry mostly tour guide will lead and let you do this.

The tour quality is depends on tour guide but if you can communicate well I hope tour guide will support as much as they can.

Our tour guide could only speak Spanish but we use imitative sounds to communicate haha.

At #2 I also mention about trick art which might be different view so if you are intrested please refer.

The place to see before die was true. The things to do at Uyuni #2

After this was going to see the sunset but because of strong wind and the weather was becoming bad so not able to take good photo.

In the evening (or morning) Uyuni is high level place so the temperature will be drop huge. So please prepare the stuff to prevent from cold as well. Goretex jacket is storng with not only waterproof and breathable fabric membrane but also wind proof. If you wear fleece in side it’s easy to manage at cold environment.

I recommand to wear flashy color of jacket or T-shirts there so that when you take the photo eith mirrored Uyuni it will be very pretty.

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My failure story on last night

This morning I was suffered from unknown headache.

I didn’t do any exercise but feel like I’m having artitude sickness.

But I notice that I had hangover.

Only 1 bottle of beer made this condition. Seems like Uyuni high ocean level will also interrupt the decomposition of alcohol.

Since this day, I have tried not to drink alcohol when I go to the high level place, so please refrain to take alcohol if you worry about it.

You can refer below about the last night.

Uyuni town benifit information


  • When booking the last day tour request the tour company to transport to airport as well
  • Luggage can be stored by the tour company
  • Bring flashy jacket or T-shirt for nice photo
  • If possible better choose to go on March. According to tour guide March is the best season for starry night and mirrored lake
  • Not to book tour at your country. Can still book at the day when you arrive to Uyuni and cheap
  • Use “time lapse” function to take amazing video
  • Never give up and don’t miss the moment

That is all about Uyuni trip.

If you still didn’t see the first day and second day of Uyuni please also review.

If you want to see more about the mirrored lake please refer #1 it’s also including how to transport from Uyuni airport to Uyuni town

#2 is about 1day tour and starlight tour. It’s really regret that at that time I didn’t have my own camera so only take by my phone so maybe cannot notice how nice it is.

This trip was continuing from the world heritage Machu Picchu trip.

Please also read the Machi Picchu trip too.

The place to se before die in the world World Heritage Site Machupicchu travel

I also have Youtube channel appreciate if you subscribe. I had also upload about Uyuni.

To the place to see before die Uyuni salt lake!(死ぬまでに見るべき絶景ウユニ塩湖へ!)

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

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Article about Japan is also updating time by time.

Traveling in Japan

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