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There are many places to see in Australia, and you have to plan well to see them in the limited time. I went in June, but since June is in the middle of winter in Australia, I thought the water temperature might be too cold for marine sports such as the ocean, so I planned my visit without marine activity.

Even so, there are so many places to see in Perth, but I would like to introduce some of the places I chose from among the many tourist attractions.

Australia has lifted restrictions on entry into the country since May. Of course, only those who have completed the Corona vaccination can freely enter the country and go sightseeing, but there are a surprisingly large number of procedures involved in entering Australia, and you cannot even depart without prior approval. If you are planning to travel to Australia, please check the latest information on how to enter Australia in another article.

2022 Latest detail info of how to enter to Australia

The best place for sightseeing in Perth

Rock wave

Big mouth


Shark bay

Rottnest island


Perth city

Only Bigmouth is quite a distance away, but it is on the list because I originally wanted to go there. Unfortunately, it was not possible due to the schedule, so I had to give up, but you can see whale sharks during the current season.

I went to Pinnacles, Shark Bay and Rottnest in this list. Although I stayed in Perth, I did not do much sightseeing in the city. This article is about Rottnest Island, where you can see the quokka, the happiest animal in the world.


Rottnest Island, home to the world’s happiest animal quokka

Quokkas are now found only on Rottnest Island, an island in the western part of Australia. They are known as the happiest animals in the world and have no fear of humans, making them easy to approach and photograph.

The quokka is one of the kangaroo family, not the rat family, although there is a theory that it was the model for Pikachu in the Pokemon series. The official name of the animal is a quokka wallaby, but it walks in the same way as a kangaroo.

It was surprisingly large.

It is possible to take pictures of them looking at the camera like this, or to get up close and take a two-shot.


Book the ferry!

I booked my tours through Klook, which I highly recommend because it is very easy to book overseas tours.

[Klook official site]

I chose a package that was called a tour but only included the cost of a round-trip ferry from Perth and bicycle rental. The price was about 90 USD. If you are interested, there is also a package that includes a snorkeling set for about 100 USD.

If you only want to see quokkas, you don’t need to include bicycles, but it makes it much easier to get around. Buses are the only vehicles on the island, but it is possible to travel by bus.

This tour price is very economical because it also includes the $19.50 entrance fee for one adult to the island.

ロットネスト島 フェリー乗り場
Rottnest island ferry port

How to go to Rottnest islandロットネスト島の行き方

Since I booked the above tour, the cost of the round-trip ferry from Perth and bicycle rental was included.

This is the ferry you will use. After purchasing your ticket, you will be given a ticket stub with a QR code on it, which you can show to the staff for scanning when you board the ferry.


There is 3 option to go to Rottnest island

  • Ferry from Fremantle         Duration:30 minutes
  • Ferry from Perth            Duration:100 minutes
  • Fly from Jandakot Airport in Perth    Duration:15 minutes

I took the ferry from Perth to Rottnest Island as I was only staying in Perth this time.

Let’s head for Rottnest Island while cruising elegantly on the Swan River.


Please note that it is mandatory to wear a mask on the cruise. (During 2022 May)

Coffee, snacks, and other refreshments are available for purchase, but only by credit card.

Rottnest island

How to spend time on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is recognized as a protected nature reserve by the Australian government, and as such, only tourist buses and bicycles are allowed on the island for public transportation.

Therefore, we recommend renting a bicycle for the day and exploring the island.


Rottnest Island has a circumference of about 22 km, but the roads are surprisingly up and down in places. It is definitely recommended to rent a bicycle with gears, although a bicycle without gears is a little cheaper. Even with gears, it was quite tough.

The beaches are very beautiful and the snorkeling is very popular, as this is an island. If you are planning to stay for a few days, you may want to rent a snorkeling set.

I did a lap around the island for no reason at all, and by the second half of the lap, my lower body was so tight that I thought I was going to tear it to shreds. But I didn’t get tired of running because of the beautiful scenery and the clean air.

Personal recommendations for spots on Rottnest Island

Among the many beautiful beaches, the following three places are the ones that I personally feel are highly recommended.


It is marked by a lighthouse and is the closest location to the town of Rottnest Island. It is about 3 minutes by bicycle from the Rottnest Island Visitor Center.


June is winter time in Australia. The direction of the wind may vary with the season, but the north side of Rottnest Island was a great place for snorkeling because the wind was not very strong.

There is a restaurant and hostel right next to the beach, where I had lunch.


  Little・Salmon bay

I was under the impression that this was the only place to see the blue ocean.

Little・Salmon bay

Snorkeling may be difficult because of the high waves. I think the beauty of the ocean can be better expressed by taking pictures from a place a little up the hill rather than looking at it from the beach. I think the clarity of the water was outstanding.

Located on the south side of Rottnest Island. It is about 25 minutes by bicycle from the Rottnest Island Visitor Center.

  Henrietta Rocks

Henrietta Rocks
Henrietta Rocks

Because of the wrecked ship, it is also a popular snorkeling spot on Rottnest Island, but only two people were swimming on this day because of winter.

It may be perfect for those who want to do a little exploring. The path from the high point to the beach is well maintained due to the deck.

Let’s meet quokka!

Quokkas are all over the area relatively close to the visitor center. You will find many of them in the area lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. On the other hand, it is better to think that it is almost impossible to see them while cycling.

I had high hopes for them, but unfortunately I did not see any. If you are looking to be soothed by the quokkas all the time, you may not even need to rent a bike.

They come close enough to touch you, but don’t touch them. The quokkas may touch you, but consider that yourself was lucky. Since they have no fear to human, they will not run away when you approach them. You can take two-shot photos like this, so be patient and persistent.


It is surprisingly easy to look at the camera. It is said to be the model for Pikachu, and its cuteness certainly seems to be a model, even although it is in the kangaroo family, not the rat family.


In the evening (around 4:00 p.m.), you can see quokkas dozing off as shown in the photo. Some use another quokka as a pillow like this, while others sleep with their faces in their stomachs, so be on the lookout for them.


  • In Rottnest Island, at the very least, rent a bicycle to get around the island.
  • If you want to see only quokkas, go to the street behind the visitor center.
  • Be patient and take the best shot for yourself, it’s easier than you think!

My return boat was at 4pm. I was near the quokkas for the whole last hour and was not bored at all. I was very happy because the world’s happiest animal, the quokka, had a happy time for me.

If you want good Australian food in Perth, this is the place to go, Petition! Prices are high because it’s a restaurant, but there’s zero chance of disappointment! This restaurant has a good reputation because of the many locals.

Petition, a very popular Australian restaurant in Perth

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

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Article about Japan is also updating time by time.

Traveling in Japan

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