Malaysia info #17 (Delicious Pork Katu restaurant in Publika)

Pork katu

Malaysia is Muslim country so pork and alcohol is prohibit.

Both is consider as non Halal (not permitted).

But there is a restaurant & also supermarket for Chinese and other region which serves pork.

Japanese restaurant which is famous in pork katu also have branch in Malaysia so this time I went to Ma Maison at Publika.

During lock down they were doing take away but after lock down is over it was my first time to dine in.


Eating juicy Pork Katu Ma Maison at Publika

I normally order the meet which contain not much fat. Please note that if you are unlucky to select a part with fat, you may be provided with meat with a lot of fat.。

Rice you can choose white rice or grain rice and cabbage, tonjiru (miso soup with pork) & rice are refillable.

Special deep fried prok fillet
Special deep fried prok fillet
Special deep fried prok fillet
Special deep fried prok fillet

I don’t think there is much difference from Japanese tonkatu. Freshly fried fillet cutlets were very juicy and chewy, and it was very delicious.

Restaurant Info

You’d better go to Publika first and if you know Daiso its more easy. It’s just above the Daiso floor.

Other than Publika at 163 and 1 Utama also have. Please go to the nearby shopping mall.

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