Best place to see starry sky in the world Tekapo New Zealand #3

Pukaki starry sky

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This article is continueing from #2.

The afternoon activity is joining the trekking course Hooker valley which can be able to view Mount Cook very closely and starry sky at Pukaki lake.

If you didn’t view #2 please also review. It’s about the rare activity to participate ice glacier trekking and you can view the spectacular nature there.


What is World Heritage Site Mount Cook

Mount cook National park is registered as world heritage site but the Mount Cook is the most highest mountain in New Zealand which is 3,724m.

It is called Aoraki by the Maori which is New Zealand Indigenous and it means “cloud piercer”.

The mountain is in the Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park, in the Canterbury region. The park was established in 1953 and along with Westland National Park, Mount Aspiring National Park and Fiordland National Park forms one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. he park contains more than 140 peaks standing over 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) and 72 named glaciers, which cover 40 percent of its 700 square kilometres (170,000 acres).

he peak is located at the northern end of the Kirikirikatata / Mount Cook Range, where it meets with the main spine of the Main Divide, forming a massif between the Hooker Valley to the southwest and the Tasman Valley east of the mountain. These two valleys provide the closest easily accessible view points of Aoraki / Mount Cook. A lookout point at the end of the Hooker Valley Track located only 10 km from the peak has views of the entire mountainsidem.

Aoraki / Mount Cook Wikipedia

There are several recking course to see Mount Cook.

But this trekking course is good for beginners to challange to see the Mount Cook closely.

Mount Cook & Hooker lake

Recommand for beginner trekking at Hooker valley and fulfill with World Heritge site spectacular view

If you come to New Zealand Tekapo I believe that Hooker valley trekking cannot miss.

Trekking fee is actually free so if you are performing low cost travel it’s really nice choice.

One way had 4km and it will take 3 to 4hours to return back but you won’t be bored because of trekking through the magnificent nature. But please ensure to prepare enough water and so on since you need energy to reach the goal and especially during summer season it’s quite dry there.

The reason why Hooker valley is good for beginner is because not many upside down and the walkway is still easy to walk.

Please use the shoes which you are used to use or use the mountaion shoes. I used trekking shoes which was really helping me.

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You need to pass 3 bridge to reach to Hooker lake & Mount Cook.

Hooker valley trekking start point
Mount Cook camping area

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