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I would like to introduce the Singapore latest activity “Luge”. After COVID-19 this Singapore trip is my first oversea trip. Currently Singapore boarder is opened without quarantine so it’s becoming back to normal.

As I said before this is my first oversea vacation after COVID-19 and my last visit to Singapore was 2017.

I arrange my schedule to stay in Sentosa island for this time and find the new hot spot there which will be new sightseeing or whatever nice place at Sentosa island.

Because of many new attraction is at Sentosa island now you cannot say that Sentosa island only have Univeral Studio Singapore.

This article will be useful for below person.

  • Want to go to Singapore
  • Other than Marina Bay looking for some place to visit
  • Want to know new route for sightseeing after COVID-19
  • Want to know more about current Sentosa island
  • Want to go holiday!

Not only winter but every season activity 「Skyline Luge Sentosa」


By the way what is Luge

It is a winter sport in which you ride on the sled and compete for the speed of sliding on the ice. Originally, it means “wooden sled” in French. It is also a familiar competition at the Winter Olympics. But Singapore Luge is bit different because as you know Singapore is always summer you can enjoy Luge even in summer.


The olympic Luge need to use your foot to control the sled so I guess the handling technique is very high but Singapore Luge is very easy you just control the handle which is like bicycle. Left and right is simple as you can imagine, only you need to know how to go forward and break which is control by push or pull the handle (if you push sled will move forward if you pull you can break the sled) manage good adjustment to reach to the goal.

Luge price and how to purchase

The price depends on how many time you ride the luge.

Skyline Luge Sentosa
Skyline Luge Sentosa

Skyline Luge Sentosa entrance has 2 place anyway both can be start point or goal point and you must take the skylift anyway to return back or to go to the start point.

The price is shown as below

4 time Luge3 time Luge2 time Luge
Fixed ticket (off peak) $29Fixed ticket (off peak) $26Fixed ticket (off peak) $22
Fixed ticket $33Fixed ticket $30Fixed ticket $27
Flexi ticket $36Flexi ticket $33Flexi ticket $30
Child doubling ticket $12Child doubling ticket $12Child doubling ticket $12
Luge ticket price
  • SkyFixed ticket is time fixed ticket. You can select the time like 13 – 14. Within the selected hour you can enjoy luge
  • Flexi ticket is anytime in selected date you can enjoy luge. Also you can change the date as well
  • Off peak can be use only for weekdays from 11am to 14pm(excluding public holiday and school holiday)

Skyline Sentosa Luge has 4 course can the maximum is 4 time. Minimum is 2 time and I purchase 2 time ticket.

Actually this activity was very fun so it was better to purchase 4 time ticket.

I book the ticket via online Klook site. You may also book through the official site for English. But in case I will put the Klook link below. It’s Japanese but you can select your language at the top page.


I purchased by online but you may also purchase on site. But there are limitted seat for each section hour and to reduce the time to wait I prefer you to purchase in advance by online.

How to control luge

The staff will teach you how to control luge before you start so every beginner can learn at that time.

If you pull the handle sled will break and stop, if push sled will move forward. Turn your hanlde to left the sled will move to left side and turn your handle to right the sled will move to right side. It was easy but at the curve area since the speed is fast I was bit nervous.

From 2nd time they will also teach you again but more simple.

Luge handling education

Let’s start luge!

As shown in the photo helmet is required to wear. You will get it before you ride on the skylift (but depends on the entrance). Luge itself has many and rotation speed is fast so you don’t have to wait long queue like themepark.

After the staff lecture you just follow in front fo you 1 by 1 until the start point. You can also try move forward, break, go left & right at this moment. If you stuck the staff will push you to support.


I took “Kupu Kupu Trail” & “Expedition Trail” course. Expedition had more sharp curve so need more technique to manage with high speed luge.

But this day(3rd May 2022)Dragon Trail course was unavailable.

Luge course

As you can see in the photo each point you need to choose which way to go.

In some of the time population will increase especially children so be careful when you move fast.

I also updated Youtube so if you have a time please also check it. Below movie can start from the Luge start point.

Moving by the skylift

When you do or finish luge you need to use skylift for transportation.


When you ride please show your ticket (QR code).

It will go to high place but no worry just follow staff instruction. The place will be high but view is very nice.


If you are afraid of high place ensure to grab the saftey bar.

How to go to Skyline Luge Sentosa

There are 2 pattern to go to Skyline Luge Sentosa. You can check by official website below but not much detail is mention.

Skyline Luge Sentosa

  1. Use monorail and get off at Beach station
  2. Use cable car and get off at Imbiah lockout Station
  3. Use monorail and get off at Imbiah Station and then walk

I choosed no.3 but because I took wrong way and cause me to walk long time. Since monorail is free I recommand you to choose no.1.


  • Purchase the luge ticket by online in advance
  • Luge was very fun so better purchase more than 3 time luge
  • To go to Skyline Luge Sentosa better use monorail and get off at Beach Station. It’s really near

Sentosa island is not only USS(Universal Studio Singapore) anymore and most of fun you can do at Sentosa now.

Last time when I come this Skyline Luge Sentosa was not there so it’s quite new place.

Other than luge there flying fox which can fly more than 400m, bungy jump, Madame Tussauds Singapore and so many place for activities you can do in Sentosa island now. If you use the cable car more than twice you’d better purchase the limitted pass for cable car.

The negative point is inside Sentosa island hotel price is high and including USS most of the place open from 12pm but why not consider Sentosa for new sightseeing spot in Singapore??

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Method to purchase the cheapest flight ticket

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The point to be careful when purchase LCC ticket

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

Traveling in oversea

Article about Japan is also updating time by time.

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