Malaysia info#26 New Japanese style restaurant izakaya YARAKU

non original Japan

I found the new non original Japanese restaurant to try.

Which name is Yaraku izakaya.

The good thing for this restaurant is environment of Japanese bar so called “izakaya” is almost same.


Japanese taste Izakaya restaurant 八楽YARAKU

At Taman Desa there used to have several non original Japanese restaurant.

The one I know was already closed after lock down but instead of that found new restaurant.

Entrance of Yaraku is like the picture below.

Exterior and interior is like Japanese culture. For Japanese this makes like home.


I found intresting menu.

It’s Chicken terimayo nori taco RM15 (4USD) quite intresting for me to order.

Taco is tacos not octopus.

In Japanese we call “taco” which means octopus in English.

Chicken Terimayo Nori Taco
Chicken Terimayo Nori Taco
Mini salmon mentai rice
Mini salmon mentai rice

Tacos part was using nori (seaweed) but it was delicious than expected.

Just in case I also order Mini salmon mentai rice but this was also delicious.

For drinking in here with these dishes may be good.

For my personal opinion taste is average and to be honest Rakuzen is more better.

But good for drinking beer or sake with Japanese environment since price is cheaper.

Izakaya Yaraku seems like non halal Japanese restaurant.

Restaurant Info

Located at Taman Desa. Its near to the restaurant I introduced before such as Vietnamese or Dim Sum.

This area is normally jam during dinner so maybe you need to search the parking lot first.

Address:No 9-0-8 Jalan 3/109F, Desa Business Centre, Taman Danau Desa, 58100

Operation hour:Lunch 12:00 ~ 14:30 、 Dinner 18:00 ~ 22:30


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