How to save money at Galapagos island

saving technique

Book your hotel by or Expedia for your trip!!


How to pucrhase the cheapest flight ticket was shared before.

By using the comparison site skyscanner you can purchase 10 USD to 100USD cheaper.

When you pruchase by LCC (Low cost carrier) there are several point to be careful.

In some case it might be more expensive than general airline such as JAL or American airline or whatever.

You may refer to below article.

Other than flight ticket is there any other way/method/option to save money??

Galapagos island price is higher than Equador. You may refer to this and check what you can do to save money and make more convenient travel at Galapagos.

This way of thinking or method can be use for other country travel as well.

Precondition of price comparison

・ Using Isla Baltra (GPS) airport

・ Going to Izabella island


Galapagos saving technique 1 saving cost for transportation to Puerto Ayora

At first you need to choose the option of transportation to go to Puerto Ayora. From Isla Baltra airport to Santa Cruz island only bus and boat but from the port you have some option to move to Puerto Ayora.

Transportation method to Puerto Ayora have below option.

  • Public taxi   Price:around 25 USD      Duration:45 minutes to 1 hour until hotel
  • Bus      Price:5 USD / per person    Duration:45 minutes to 1 hour until bus terminal
  • Walk      Price:Free          Duration:8 hours until bus terminal
  • Hotel taxi  Price:Include in accomadation or 15USD Duration:45 minutes to 1 hour until hotel

I choose the second option bus. 4th option is not sure whether it has or not since I didn’t use even return back.

If there is the service to tranport when you book the hotel and it’s cheap that will be the option. Since second option is until the bus terminal and from bus terminal you need taxi to go to next destination.

Bus terminal location will be above.

From here until the Puerto Ayora hotel its around 1.5 USD to 2 USD.

So total cost will be around 7 USD.

Galapagos saving technique 2 Purchase 2way ferry ticket for saving

In here I’m sharing the info base on my own experience when I went to Izabella island. But should be benefit info for the person who will use the ferry.

If you plan to go to other island ferry is necessary to use.

  • Santa Cruz ⇔ Izabella      Price:30 USD + 1 USD  Duration:2 hour to 2.5 hour
  • Santa Cruz ⇔ San Cristobal   Price:30 USD + 1 USD  Duration:2 hour to 2.5 hour

If you plan to go to San Cristobal from Izabella there are no boat to go directly to San Cristobal so you need to transit at Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz island

1 USD means that the fee for the small boat you need to use from the port to ride on to the big boat. The big boat to move to each island cannot go into the port. So 1 USD need to be prepared.

Ferry ticket and booking can be done at local tour agency.

I booked at Eagleray Tours Galapagos Diving for all tour in Galapagos and also for the ferry. I decide to book at here because I found the diary which was written by the foreigners and even Japanese was writing that it’s good.

Actually I find the best tour Los Toneles by this diary. Los Tuneles tour is also shared by other article. Los Tuneles is very famous in Galapagos for snorkeling spot. You will have fantastic tour there so if you are intrested please also check below.

Best tour to join at Galapagos island

After all tour is done and I passed there owner still remember me so I also write the diary for the comment.

Address:Isla Plaza Street and Thomas de Berlanga, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, 200102, Ecuador

TEL:(593 5) 2524172 / 3014623

Book the tour and ferry together and let’s get some discount!!

Especially for the ferry ticket if you buy 2 way you can get discount. Price is 1 way 30 USD but for 2 way I get it by 50 USD.

Things to take care when ridding on ferry

Duration is around 2 hour. But the boat speed is quite fast so when the wave is high boat will be swaying big.

If you worry seasickness you should take medicine.

If you seat at the front side of the boat swaying is better than back side.

Galapagos saving technique 3 Staying at cheap hotel

Recently when I travel oversea I choose cheap hotel for most of the time unless I feel want to relax at nice hotel.

But even cheap I take on note for below point.

  • Hot water can be use for shower
  • Shower and toilet is inside the room
  • Airconditioner can be use (but not high priority)
  • Private room not share room

If you choose the backpacker hotel with sharing toilet and shower it can be more cheaper.

Even private room some hotel is sharing toilet and shower this can also make more cheaper. But my point to be follow was above 4 point.

The hotel I used in Izabella is Hosepedaje Mather Fanny price was 1 night 25 USD.

Hospedaje Mather Fannyの空き情報を確認する

There were also the hotel which was cheaper than Hosepedaje Mather Fanny which is Hostal Cerro Azul. The price was 1 night 17 USD.

Hostal Cerro Azulの空き情報を確認する

But I choose Hosepedaje Mather Fanny.

The reason why I choose Hosepedaje Mather Fanny is because beach is close, restaurant is near, minimart is near and also the tour agency was near.

But for the cheap restaurant which I found during my visit there was near to Hostal Cerro Azul so either one is no problem since both hotel distance is only 100m.

Izabella Island

Hosepedaje Mather Fanny

Address:Avenida Antonio Gil Calle Escalecias, 200250 Puerto Villamil, Ecuador

TEL:+593 5-252-9499

Hostal Cerro Azul

Address:alle Tero Real y Gaviotin, EC200350 Puerto Villamil, Ecuador

TEL:  +593-5-252-9229

Galapagos savin technique 4 saving food

The last option is to save the food expense. If you can bring your own cup noodles you can save a lot but of course you will be tired and not fun with that at the site.

For lunch normally it’s inlcude inside tour so in here will introduce the local restaurant.

Let’s eat lunch at local restaurant

There are only one Mercado in Izabella to buy some food such as fruits which is used for the local people you can buy at there or eat in front of the Mercado restaurant.

You’d better go go early lunch otherwise they will close faster because until when it’s open is depends on their mood.

Restaurant name:Las Delicias De Jaqui

Address:16 de Marzo, Puerto Villamil, Ecuador

There is lunch set with few selection but you can eat it around 5 USD.

Only they can speak Spanish but it can move on in somehow haha.

Izabella Ceviche

I order ceviche and it was really delicous!! Better than cup noodles.

If you are not full you can buy Colviche (fried tuna) in front of mercado stall it’s around 1 USD.

That local restaurant is also serving Equador cuisine so if you are demanding Equador cuisine it can be meet your request.

Let’s eat dinner at local restaurant

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the local restaurant there but only the restaurant used by foreigners.

The price is around 10 USD to 15 USD for 1 dishes and if you drink minimum should be around 20 USD.

But around the hotel or the park there some stall is openning and serving fried fishs or some meat. Price is around 3 USD so this can be consider for dinner.

I ate the Colviche(fried tuna) there so if you select these kind of stall you can save within 10 USD.

Result of the price

Let’s check the comparison between saving pattern and non saving pattern.

Hotel price is calculate by 3 night.

Total cost when savingTotal cost without saving
Transportation fee
to Puerto Ayora
13 USD (2 way)30 USD (2 way)
Ferry52 USD62 USD
Hotel75 USD120 USD (1 night 40 USD)
FoodDinner 3time at local
Lunch once at local
35 USD
All at foreigner restaurant
80 USD
Total175 USD292 USD
Refference of cost comparison when saving and without saving

What do you think? It’s quite rough calculation but from the list 117 USD is saved.

Of course if you make be yourself for lunch & dinner it can be more cheaper. Refer above and plan your traveling schedule.


  • Saving the transportation cost for Puerto Ayora
  • Saving ferry cost
  • Saving hotel cost
  • Saving meal cost
  • Overall around 117 USD you can save

Saving method will be depends on each purpose of travel or planning of what to eat there. So please choose your suitable option.

Other than this if there is any option please tell me.

In different article I had explained about the Galapagos island where is it & how to go to Galapagos island. If you are intrested you can also refer to below.

Since this article is explaining about Izabella there is 1 tour you should join at Izabella which is “Los Tuneles” tour.

Los Tuneles is well known as the biggest snorkeling spot in Galapagos island you can have great fun there. If you also want to see the blue foot booby which is the endemic species in Galapagos this tour is the only tour you can see close.

Best tour to join at Galapagos island

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

Traveling in oversea

Article about Japan is also updating time by time.

Traveling in Japan

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