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Peking duck

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Chinese cuisine is well know as one of the world’s three great cuisines.

For Chinese cuisine dish many people might describe pekking duck.

I don’t know about the price of Chinese restaurant in the world but in Japan if you want to eat pekking duck the price is from 60 USD to 120 USD.

If you don’t know whether delicious or not you cannot order.

In Malaysia there is also expensive restaurant but this time will share about the more common restaurant.

My first time to eat pekking duck was at Malaysia but it was really delicious so you it could be useful information for the people who live in Malaysia now and for the people who is going to come Malaysia.


Eating pekking duck at pekking duck village is best??

Pekking duck is the traditional food which origin is Beijing China. Duck is cooked inside the oven until there skin is crispy, peeled duck meat will be wrapped with vegetables and rice cake (rice cake is like gyoza) to wat.

Restaurant name is Village Roast Duck.

Village Roast Duck
Village Roast Duck

Main menu is 2 type of pekking duck. Which is

①Crispy pekking duck (crispy aromatic duck with pancakes) half RM 47.80 (12 USD)

②Original pekking duck (Roast pecking duck with pancakes) half RM 47.80 (12 USD)

Try the restaurant with 5 person so ordered 1 cripsy pekking duck half size, 1 original pekking duck half size. seafood fried rice RM 25.90 (7 USD) & Sichuan Ma Po bean cord with minched pork RM 20.90 (5 USD).

All food was delicious. Real Sichuan Ma Po bena cord is very spicy but this Ma Po was not spicy what I expected but taste was good. Personally I wanted to try again the very spicy Ma Po so just regret about it. If you are demanding that kind of spicy one you’d better not to order.

Sichuan Ma Po
Seafood fried rice

Seafood fried rice didn’t feel oily and rice was cooked well with big prawn. Long time didn’t eat such kind of delicious fried rice.

Lastly our main dish pekking duck.

Crispy pekking duck
Pekking duck

Crispy type was delicious but the not goo because we ate after eating the original pekking duck. Since the original is more smelly nice and juicy the crispy pekking duck was not able to become more delicous than original pekking duck.

Rice cake can make you more full than you expected. So I think just only original pekking duck is enough.

If you are intresting to order both you can go ahead to try. But if you want to eat delicious one only, better order original pekking duck.

The picture shown above is half size if you want the full portion it’s RM 83.80 (23 USD).

Pekking duck

Coming back to original pekking duck but the duck surface was crispy enough and it’s meat was juicy and tasty. Wrapping with vegatables with Miso sause which is the black color is really matching and don’t make you bored.

The restaurant was very crowded most of the time so we can consider that very popular restaurant for local people.

Restaurant info

This time I went to Midvalley Gardens Mall.

But other than here you can find at Bangsar Village, Pavilion & Sunway Pyramid.

Restaurant was open on 2010. It’s Non-Halal restaurant so Muslim people cannot eat.

Price is very cheap to eat pekking duck why not try one of the typical food in Malaysia??

Gardens Mall address is below.

Address:LG-205, LG Floor, The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


Operation hour: 10:00 ~ 22:00

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