Malaysia info#24 German Backery experience of traditional european bread

Euro bread

Der Backmeister is the bakery managed by German which is using German bread.

Many Europe people is using a lot so I guess that the taste is not so different from original one. I often used for brunch but after lock down it was my first time to visit.

Der Beckmeister
Der Beckmeister

Offering authentic European bread German bakery Der Backmeister

Menu is like inside picture below.


Most popular one is sandwiches you can choose the bread which you can see it right behind the casher.

This time I choosed from German specials since I always ordered sandwiches.

German sausage with bun Bratwurst, Italian Bresaola & German black coffee.

Der Beckmeister inside
Der Beckmeister inside
German sausage and bun
German sausage and bun Bratwurst
Italian Bresaola
Italian Bresaola beef ham
German black coffee
German black coffee

It was delicious but the volume of portion was smaller than expected so if you want to become full better to order sandwiches. Only 1pc German sausage was pity for me haha.

Italian Bresaola feeled like eating thick raw ham. And taste was more to salty which is my favorite type of ham.

Its nice to choose from several type of bread because in Japan you cannot choose so much its normally fixed. Please find your best bread and menu.

Bakery is also Halal so Muslim people can eat. When I went there few Muslim was eating too.

Restaurant Info

This time I went to TTDI.

Other than TTDI the bakery is located at Bangsar& Ampang.

Der Backmesiter location
Der Backmesiter location

Address:40, Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Operation hour:Tuesday- Sunday 8am- 5pm (Monday is closed)

TEL:603-2856 0613

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