Kumamoto onsen trip#1 challenging to the longest stairs in Japan

Kurokawa onsen

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Went to Kumamoto in Japan for hot spring trip. In Japan hot spring is called “Onsen”.

During this trip I went to below place.

At #1 will introduce longest stair in Japan and Aso city sightseeing.

For Kumamoto trip I wrote other report so please also see if you are free.

From Kumamoto airport I used rent car for entire of trip. The rent car company (skyticket) is only in Japanese.

If you prefer English you can find from skyscanner too.

Skyticket rent car (written in Japanese) Search Flights, Hotels & Car Rentals to our most popular destinations

Challenging to the longest stairs in Japan “Shakain Misaka Yuhodo”

First went to Kumamoto Shimomashikigun to challenge the Longest stair in Japan “Shakain Misaka walkway”.

The stairs have 3,333 step made by stone which is the longest in Japan. In November there are event called “Attack the No.1 in Japan” to compete the time to reach to te top.

On the way to the top, there are few place to rest and toilet there. So you can climb by your own pace.

But nearby this place there are no convenience shop so you should be drinks and snacks in advance.

Shakain Misaka Yuhodo
Shakain Misaka Yuhodo
Shakain Misaka Yuhodo
Shakain Misaka Yuhodo

I found 1 energish guy who was climbing with the dumbbell.

It was my first time to climb and challenge this hug number of stairs and very very tough. The first 300 steps were still fine just feel like hot but after this feelind my entire of leg muscle was strained a lot.

I didn’t do much excersise like before but once per week running at gym and doing training in the room so I regret this result. Anyway in normal life nobody will walk 3,000 step so I guess cannot avoid this suffer.

2100steps area
2100steps area

Next day of course but the leg muscle was pain until next week even to walk normally was almost impossible.

It took 1hour and 50 minutes to reach to the top and Shakain.

Most longest stairs in Japan photo
Most longest stairs in Japan at the top

The fastest record to reach to the top was 26 minutes. Its really incredible.

Most longest stairs in Japan Shakain
Most longest stairs in Japan Shakain

ON next day of course I surffered a lot because of my entire leg had muscular pain. I’m confidence that walking slower than grandpa or grandma.

This muscular pain continued even after this trip and it was almost 1 week.

It was good experience to challenge the No.1 steps in Japan but I will never do this haha.

Shakain Mikasa walkway address is below. Parking lot is free so no worry on it.

On the way to the top of steps there are few toilet but very less so you’d better go before you start your challenge.

It’s nearby the parking area.

You can also tale rest since there’s bench on the way. Walk with your own pace to reach to the goal.

Address:Sakamoto, Misato, Shimomashiki District, Kumamoto 861-4415

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

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Article about Japan is also updating time by time.

Traveling in Japan

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