Kumamoto Onsen trip#2 The reason why you should go Kurokawa in winter

Yuakari at Kurokawa

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For this article I will introduce the main event for this trip which is going to Kurokawa onsen in winter.

My trip place was at below place but please refer others if you have time.


Surrounded by lush mountains Aso Onsen “Kurokawa Onsen”

Kurokawa Onsen is one of the best onsen resorts in Japan. Before the pandemic occur, it was also popular spot for foreigners too.

In the past it was introduced as the first onsen resort which was scored 2star by Michelin Guide.

There are not many place to park the car but at the center of Kumamot Onsen town there is the place called “Kazenoya” and at there you can park and get info about the map of this area and during winter season you can know where they do the Yuakari (light festival) which is nearby the river.

You can buy “Nyuyu tegata” and enjoy the onsen at surrounding or rent yukata here.

What is “yukata” ?
It’s Japanese traditional cloth. Used at specific place or season.
Both men & women can were and they are different design.
Yukata photo

You can check the unique Kurokawa onsen map but there is only Japanese version.

Kurokawa onsen map

For your info Kazenoya parking lot is free.

Kazenoya basic info will be below.

Addres:Kurokawa Sakura-dori, Minami-oguni-machi,Aso-gun, Kumamoto Pref. 869-2402 Japan


During winter season event called Yuakari will be held. Normally held from December until end of March but for more detail info please refer to the official website.

Kurokawa Onsen winter tradition “Yuakari”

Yuakari is started from 2012 so it’s still new event in Kurokawa onsen.

This event started to protect the region environment from abandoned bamboo by cutting and renovating.

Every year this yuakari is made by the people who involved at Kurokawa and the profit which earned by the event is used for these activities.

All season you can see very nice view in Kurokawa onsen but Yuakari only held during winter season.

Yuakari is using the spherical temari lantern and tubular lantern which is made by bamboo and the quantity to be used during the event is almost 300pcs. It’s set above the river and the light up is doing after sunset to 10PM.

Yuakari light up location

Above Yuakari light location is the place duirng 2021 December until 2022 3rd April. Every year location and number will be change so please refer to the official website.

After sunset you can see very beautiful view and even by your phone you can take nice picture.

Kurokawa Onsen Yuakari
Kurokawa Onsen Yuakari

Fortunately or unfortunately, it was snowing and made the best situation of winter tradition for Yuakari.

In order to enjoy the fantastic winter illuminations of Kurokawa Onsen, you must come in winter.

Spring, Summer & Autumn all season is beatiful but on winter you can see the beautiful scenary of nature and artificial fusion.

You can walk the riverside but if raining or snowing please be careful since it’s slippy.

This photo is taken at the river nearby Kazenoya Marurin bridge.

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

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