Best private hot spring in Oita Prefecture Yufuin

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I stayed at Yufuin hostel during my visit to Yufuin Oita prefecture.

But there are some points that I was looking which are as per below

  • Have a private open-air bath inside the room
  • Breakfast and dinner are combined in the hostel plan
  • Surrounding is quiet

This info will be beneficial for the person who is looking for a hostel in Yufuin or looking for private open-air bath.


Yufuin onsen hostel “Wazanho”

This time I stayed at “Yufuin Tabian Wazanho”.

湯布院 和山豊
Yufuin Wazanho

Guest room condition

The guest room has 2 rooms one is Japanese style 12.96m2 and another is Europe style 12.96m2. My room name was skyriver.

We stayed there with 4 adults and the room size was enough but the toilet was only 1 so that was a bit inconvenient.

Actually, not a big issue since almost everything was satisfying at this hostel.

湯布院 和山豊
Yufuin Wazanho

The open-air bath was right next to our room and also easy to access from the inner bathtub. The size of open bath was enough for 2 adults at the same time. The water temperature was also just nice.

For the room inside the website, it is shown that you can select Japanese + Europe or Japanese + Japanese but the size is no different. Just in the Europe room, there are beds.

The Japanese room uses “futon” during check-in hostel staff will ask you when to have dinner. They will prepare the futon when we are eating dinner at the hostel cafeteria.

Wazanho basic info and price

Since we stayed there by 4 people and our plan was including breakfast and dinner the price was 20,000 yen (200 USD) per person.

Just for your info but without breakfast and dinner, it’s around 15,000 yen (150 USD). But if you consider the price difference is only 5,000 yen it’s so cheap because the breakfast and dinner at Wazanho were very delicious.

For more details please check the official website.

To be honest, in Yufuin there are several hostel which has private open-air bath but most of the hostels have higher prices. Of course it depends on how many people will stay but Wazanho’s cost performance is very very big.

Address:388-1 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu, Oita 879-5102, Japan


Check-in & check out time: check-in 3:00 pm, check out 10:00 am

It’s 7 min drive from Yufuin station but around the hostel, not restaurant is available so you should eat at the hostel since it’s very delicious.

Wazanho course meal

Below is the dinner and so many menus were served.

Wazanho dinner

Sashimi and vegetables from Yufuin. The menu was 15 dishes including the plum wine as a welcome drink.

Kinun pork
Snapper ochazuke

All dishes were hot enough so it was good for a cold winter.

The fruits that look like lemon is named “cabos” it’s sour but have a sweet taste. These cabos were often used when eating at Kyushu.

I really loved this fruit cabos since it can be made fresh too.

Mont blanc cake

Dessert is house-made Mont Blanc cake.

For myself, Mont Blanc cake is not my favorite cake because at last it makes me bored to eat and it also takes away all the water inside my mouth and makes it dry. But this one was totally different from what I ate in my life. I wish there was a shop that sell this Mont blanc cake…

The next photo is breakfast.

Breakfast time also needs to inform in advance so please inform the staff when you finish your dinner.

Wazanho breakfast

Well, I think most people want to eat the meal in the right condition. This time we went to Kurokawa Onsen again and also stayed at the same Hostel “Hozantei” but there dinner and breakfast were disappointing.

But the guest room and private open-air bath were amazing. Much more better than Wazanho.

2020 article is highlighted below. If you only focus on the private open-air bath definitely Hozantei is best.

Kumamoto Onsen trip#4 recommend to stay in Kurokawa onsen “Hozantei”

Wazanho big public bath

Private open-air bath is nice but also the public open-air bath is nice.

After dinner or the early morning there is nobody so you can use it like private. It’s really recommended at this time especially during the current situation to avoid the crowded area.

Wazanho public open-air bath

Maybe it’s dark but you can see that the bath is big.

Just the place to wash the body was so cold since it was using 1 plate to divide but had no meaning to block the wind. So when the strong wind blows you will be frozen.

This bath water was quite hot so several times I did it in & out.

In front of the entrance of the public bath you can get a free drink of soda. Marble is inside so you need some technique to drink the whole soda inside. After taking bath it’s really nice to have this.


  • If looking for good cost performance with private open-air bath Wazanho is the best
  • You should take a plan including breakfast and dinner since it’s really delicious and cheap
  • After using a public bath should try Japanese old-style soda

The place well known as Onsen City Yufuin and Beppu is quite close to each other.

It’s around 35 minutes by car. If you have time you should try to go to Beppu Jigoku round trip. Among the ways to Beppu is also nice. In below article introduces and shares how to manage good sightseeing at Beppu Jigoku round trip.

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