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Yufuin is well known as Onsen & Onsen street but other than that there are several places to see or visit there.

In this article will share the best spot in Yufuin which is just a 5 to 10-minute drive from Yufuin city.

It’s near so even if you don’t have much time it should be nice if you can go there.

For this article, it will be useful for the person who likes nature scenery, temples or shrines & power spots.

Yufuin has many good places it’s not only Yunohira walkway.


Mysterious lake covered with morning fog Kinrinko

In the Meiji era the scholar Mori saw the fish swimming in the lake was shining in gold because of the sunset reflected fish’s scale and that made this lake “Kinrinko” in Japanese it’s written “金鱗湖”. “金(kin)” is gold, “鱗(rin)” & “湖(ko)” is lake.

In the lake, fresh water and onsen water are found which causes the water temperature higher than other lakes. This condition can generate fog above the water, especially during the early morning of the winter season and you can see the mysterious landscapes.

If you cannot see in the morning, evening especially sunset time is nice but I tried in the morning.

It’s used to say that the best time to see this landscape is around 8 am. But also depends on the weather conditions if it’s not sunny it’s difficult to see.

In my case, since my hostel breakfast time was 8:30 am I went there at 7:30 am. The sun was still not raised and the temperature was not so low so only small fog I was able to see.


The good view is from the opposite side of the parking and takes photos of torii which is inside the lake. This time I couldn’t manage to take it but if the fog is there really nice picture can be taken there.

There was the first customer there on the top of Torii grey heron.

金鱗湖 水中鳥居
Kinrinko torii

In here there is a small temple but a nice torri and an admirable sacred tree.

This temple is called Tenso temple and the enshrined deity is “Amenominakanushi”.

天祖神社 御神木
Tenso temple sacred tree

You should park in front of Kinrinko which is the cheapest parking lot.

For your reference parking lot is below.

Kinrinko’s address is below.

Address:1561-1 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu, Oita 879-5102, Japan

See panorama view of Yufuin at Sagiridai overlook

When you move by vehicle from Beppu to Yufuin or Yufuin to Beppu you will definitely pass Sagiridai & Yufudake vorcano and can see the nature panorama view.

In October you can see the morning fog from Sagiridai too. I went there during the new year season so not able to see but you can see the natural scenery of Yufuin and the city. The ocean level is 680m so nothing will interfere with you. Enjoy your panorama view of nature and Yufuin City.

Because of the strong wind there, you might feel colder than you expected so be sure to bring clothes to protect from the cold.

Address:1946-14 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu, Oita 879-5102, Japan

Parking is free and also has a vending machine and toilet to use.

All season is ready to see from Sagiridai which is also a good point. Each season has a different beautiful view.


Sunrise is coming soon so the sky color also started to change.

Famous peak in Oita prefecture Yufudake

The famous peak “Yufudake” can also be seen from Yufuin city and this is one of the famous sightseeing spots in Yufuin.

Recently hiking is very popular and climbing up to Yufudake is also a well-known activity since it’s good for beginners to start here. But this time I didn’t climb.

From Sagiridai you can easily find the entrance for climbing but even not climbing at the bottom of Yufudake you can see a very nice view which is better not to miss.

Yufudake is also called “Toyogo Fuji” as you know the Japanese highest mountain Fuji is very beautiful but Yufudake is also beautiful to see from any kind of angle.


Yufudake course is about 7km and you can return back in 4 hours (without resting).

At nearby the entrance you can park your car and it’s free. If full you need to park at paid parking area which is very near also.

Address: Beppu, Oita 874-0000, Japan

Unaguhime the person who made Yufuin basin

Unaguhime temple is currently becoming popular as a power spot at Yufuin. But actually, this temple has a very old history and local people also managing very nicely.

The name of the temple Unaguhime comes from the Japanese word “unagu” which describes a comma-shaped-bead necklace. “hime” means princess and there is a legend that Unaguhime is the princess who used the necklace and became a god and that is why this temple is called Unaguhime temple. Another is the lake enshrined deity was eel (unagi) so that’s why the name is Unagu temple.

Unaguhime temple
宇奈岐日女神社 拝殿
Unaguhime temple

More details about Unaguhime temple will explained in another part.

You can come here after your breakfast or check out.

Yufuin new power spot “Unaguhime temple”


  • Especially in winter season try to go to Kinrinko in the morning to see the fog
  • After Kinrinko go to Sagiridai & Yufudake to see the nature panorama view
  • After check out let’s go to the temple which is said to made Yufuin basin

Actually, Kinrinko is good to see at other times too.

Sagiridai can enjoy all the season. Arrange your time and schedule to see the perfect timing for the nature panorama view.

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Best private hot spring in Oita Prefecture Yufuin

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