Oita Marine Palace aquarium “Umitamago” is the enjoyable place to go in Beppu


It was my first time to visit Oita but had some enough time I decide to go to Oita marine Palace aquarium “Umitamago”.

If you have a time after visiting to Yufuin onsen, Beppu onsen & Beppu jigoku trip which is the famous sightseeing place in Oit, why not consider to go to Oita aquarium.

Honestly I really like aquarium but will report the countryside aquarium was nice or not in this article.

If you are intrested to aquarium or looking for some place to sightseeing in Oita this can be helpful for you.


Umitamago is what kind of aquarium?

On 1964 it has open as Oita ecology aquarium marine palace and on 2004 it reborn at Oita marine palace aquqrium Umitamago.

It is located along the Beppu by and the aquarium concept is “the aquarium to become friendly with animals”. Base on the info given by the aquarium there they are doing several events and show so you can describe that they are following thier nice concept.

Oita marine palace aquarium mitamago basic info

Address:3078,22 Kanzaki, Oita, 870-0802, Japan


Operation hour:9:00 ~ 17:00

GW and Japan summer holiday operation time is different and normally they close around 18:00 ~ 19:00.

For more detail please refer below official homepage.

Oita marine palace aquarium Umitamago

Umitamago highlight part for me was sea animal show which is famous of Walrus. But other than that they also have event so called backyard tour which is rare event. The contents of backyard is how they treat or train the animals there and go closely to them.

From big fish to small fish, Saltwater fish, freshwater fish, tropical fish, deep-sea fish maybe you can find a new findings.

Umitamago entrance ticket can get little discount if you want. Will introduce after this.

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

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