Yufuin new power spot “Unaguhime temple”

Unagihime temple

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After I became older I got interested in power spots and visiting to temples and shrine.

Or maybe due to long stay in Malaysia made me to understand well about Japanese culture well.

During my first trip to Oita prefecture, I also went to the power spot which is becoming popular recently as the Yufuin power spot “Unaguhime temple”.

This temple is called Unaguhime, Unagihime, Unakihime and seems like several patterns to call but I feel Ugagihime is nice after checking the origin of the name.


Ugaguhime teh person who is said that made Yufuin basin

 Unaguhime was the past enshrined deity at this temple and is currently called Rokushogu due to having 6 enshrined deities which are

  • 国常立尊 (Kunitokotachi no mikoto)
  • 国狭槌尊 (Kunisatsuchi no mikoto)
  • 彦火火出見尊 (Hikohohodemi no mikoto)
  • 彦波瀲武鸕鷀草葺不合尊 (Hikonagi Satakeugayafukiaezu no mikoto)
  • 神倭磐余彦尊 (Kamuyamatoiwarehikonomi no mikoto、First Japanese emperror Shinbu)
  • 神渟名川耳尊 (Kamununakawamimi no mikoto、2nd Japanese emperror Suigen)

Unaguhime temple is currently becoming popular as a power spot at Yufuin. But actually, this temple has a very old history and local people also managing very nicely.

Unaguhime temple

The name of the temple Unaguhime comes from the Japanese word “unagu” which describes a comma-shaped-bead necklace. “hime” means princess and there is a legend that Unaguhime is the princess who used the necklace and became a god and that is why this temple is called Unaguhime temple. Another is the lake enshrined deity was eel (unagi) so that’s why the name is Unagu temple.

About Unaguhime

Regarding this Unaghime, there is a legend that the Yufuin Basin was a lake in ancient times (Kesaku Legend). In this, Unaghime, the god of Mt. Yufu, saw the lake spreading in front of here and ordered a powerful big man to kick the shore. It is said that the lake where the water drained as a result of the man kicking and it became a basin, and the current Oita River began to flow through the trace. The big man is said to have been named “Michinoomi-no-Mikoto” and is still enshrined in the current shrine. There is also a report that the dry residue of the lake became Lake Kinrin. However, the truth of the lake legend has not been clarified archaeologically and geologically because earthenware was excavated from the bottom of the basin. As folklore evidence, there is a theory that Unaghime is “Hayatsuhime” (origin of Hayami-gun), which can be seen in “Bungo Kokudoki”, and that the Himehiko system is pointed out.

On the other hand, based on the tradition that the Yufuin Basin used to be a lake, it is speculated that it began with the enshrining of eels as spirits and later learned from the god of Mt. Yufu.

宇奈岐日女神社(Unaguhime temple) Wikidepia

Precients entrance

From Torii you can see the lantern is set along the approach to the shrine.

Maybe the night view is really nice.

Unaguhime temple

Main shrine & worship hall

宇奈岐日女神社 拝殿
Unaguhime temple wordhip hall

After passing the Shinto gate you can see the shrine which is maintained very well and you can notice that it’s a very important place for local people in Yufuin.

On the right side of the worship hall you can see Itsukushimasha and on the left side is Keinaisha and both of them can be reached by using the sacred bridge.

There is also a mysterious structure that connects each island to each shrine.

Huge stump

On the right side, you can see a huge stump.

This huge stump is due to the damage of a typhoon in 1991. I thought this huge stump could make luck and strength for the leg for all stumps I touched.

宇奈岐日女神社 御神木
Unaguhime temple sacred tree
Unaguhime temple sacred tree

On the left side of the stump, there is a small temple.

Unaguhime temple basic info

Address:2220 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu, Oita 879-5102, Japan

Parking is free it’s right next to the temple.

It’s a power spot for marriage. I thought about health.

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Around Yufuin there are several places to see which is very near to the city. You can enjoy the nice panorama view of Yufuin and nature.

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