Method to purchase Machu Picchu ticket cheaply

Machupicchu ticket

Book your hotel by or Expedia for your trip!!


For the flight ticket you can use skyscanner or others.

But most of the people is thinking how to but Machu Picchu ticke. How to buy cheap.


Method to buy Machu Picchu ticket

Main method is below

①Request to tour agency

②Purchase on site Peru travel agency office

③Purchase from official homepage

I choose ③ purchasing by official homepage. You can but cheaper than other method because from other root there some commission and cause the price to increase.

Refer below link for the official Machu Picchu ticket website.

Machupicchu – Página Oficial

Of course there are other method but above 3 is the major way. But ③ is English and mostly Spanish maybe bit difficult.

But I will show how I did.

Perform to purchase the Machu Picchu ticket

When you go to the website below screen will appear. If its written in Spanish you can select the flag 「English」. Seems like currently when you press 「Buy Ticket」next page will change back to Spanish. (2021 October info)

I will use google translation.

But if you want to go to Waynapicchu mountain and Machu Picchu mountain you’d better purchase 3 month in advance since its very popular to join that avtivity in every season.

Machu Picchu HP
Machu Picchu HP

First press「BUY TICKETS」.

Machu Picchu ticket display1
Machu Picchu ticket display1

①Press 「GENERAL」

②Press 「Route」and select your course. Machu Picchu , with Waynapicchu or with Machu Picchu mountaion.


I will select 2nd one Circuit4 + Waynapicchu.

③ Choose your visit date to Machu Picchu.

④Confirm the number of people and select 「Availability」. This time I select 1 adult.

⑤You can select what time to enter. What I know was Waynapicchu was able to enter only in the morning but it might be changed because of COVID-19. I will choose 8:00-9:00 this time.

Machu Picchu ticket display2
Machu Picchu ticket display2

⑥「Ingreso llaqta」is the check in time of Machu Picchu. 「Ingreso Montana」 is the time you need to enter to Waynapicchu. From Machu Picchu entrance to Waynapicchu is quite long you’d better enter Machu Picchu early more than 1.5hr in advance. As you can see from article picture in front of entrance is crowded. Fast action fast movement is better.

⑦Insert your passport info. First choose your country. Above the country column you can maintain 「Tipo」as PAS(Passport)、next to the passport Nro. documento is passport number.

⑧Insert your family name

⑨Insert your first name

⑧⑨ must be same wit passport. At entrance officer will check both ticket and passport.

After insert your birthday & gentle press「Siguiente」.

Machu Picchu ticket display3
Machu Picchu ticket display3

⑩Confirm the contents is correct and tick the check box.

⑪Insert your email

⑫Insert your address

⑬Read all the terms and condition and press「Accpect」 at each.

Press the blue column「Generate resrvation」.

Machu Picchu ticket4
Machu Picchu ticket4

Take note for your reservation number/ booking code.

Price of Waynapicchu is around 60USD.

What you need to do after purchase the ticket

Once your purchase is done below ticket will receive by email. Please check the detail whether correct or not.

Machu Picchu ticket sample
Machu Picchu ticket sample

Printing out the Machu Picchu entrance ticket

Of course you need to print out to enter to Machu Picchu. And also better to bring your credit card which is used to purcahse the ticket. I couldn’t find that rule inside the website but in some blog its mentioning about that. Anyway if the Machu Picchu officer said “No” its “No”. They are the rule.

In Japan we have proverb “When in Rome、do as the Romans do.”

Meaning when you at Rome (Italy), you need to follow waht Roman people do. So you are in Machu Picchu, you have to follow what Machu Picchu people do.

I listed up what is necessary to bring when entering to Machu Picchu.

  • Machu Picchu ticket
  • Passport
  • Credit card which used to by the Machu Picchu ticket

To change the date of visit

Normally refund or changing date is prohibit.

But since 2021 seems like refund is accepted. You can proceed by pressing 「Refund」at homepage.

But to change the visit date is not mentioned.

When I bought before I notice that I had mistake in my trip schedule and needed to change the visit date.

I just send to customer service center if possible to change or not but it was managed properly and immideately.

Ticket change email
Ticket change email

It was very easy. As mention in the email if there are still vacant seat its possible to change but hope this will not happen by creating your trip schedule well.

Customer service center email is below.


Would like to make summary below

  • If you want to go to Waynapicchu mountain and Machu Picchu mountain you’d better purchase 3 month in advance
  • Better enter Machu Picchu early more than 1.5hr in advance if planning to climb mountain
  • Not to forget to bring/print Machu Picchu ticket
  • Bring Passport
  • Credit card which used to by the Machu Picchu tickt

That’ all.

Please also read my trip at Machu Picchu.

If you are planning to go to Machupicchu and have more time to stay there, I really recommand you to go to Bolivia Uyuni together. It is also the place must go before you die. If you are intrested you can refer below link.

The place to see before die was true. The things to do at Uyuni #1

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

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Article about Japan is also updating time by time.

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