The place to see before die was true. The things to do at Uyuni #1

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Trasport from Peru Lima to Lapaz.

Uyuni salt lake was the most beautiful place which I had travel in the world. I surely understand that this place is the place to see before die.

I feeled different impression from Machu Picchu.

This trip is set with Peru. If you didn’t reveiw the Peru trip please refer below.

Day#3 is about the introduction what to do and where to go inside Machu Picchu.

El Alto International Airport
El Alto International Airport

The most highest elevation airport El Alto International Airport

Because of my schedule I arrive to Lapaz airport (El Alto International Airport) on the night and move on to Uyuni on early morning flight.

If you don’t want to move you can use the transit hotel inside the airport named “ONKEL INN 1886” the price is 13USD per hour. If your transit is short maybe OK but if you stay in Lapaz more than 4hours you’d better stay at the hotel nearby the airport. Even consider the taxi price its lower.

The hotel I used is just few minutes from airport Hotel Espectacular 30USD per night. You can use Rakuren travel to reserve.

Hotel Espectacular availability (

Lapaz is Bolivia capital. The elevation of airport is known as the most highest elevation airport in the world which is 4,061m.

Its higher than Cuson (3,400m) so taking care with altitude sickness is important too. Sleeping is one of the important factor.

Amazones airline
Amazones airline

I used Amazones airline from Lapaz to Uyuni transportation.

All flight ticket is purchased from skyscanner.

Uyuni airport
Uyuni airport

Transportation method from Uyuni airport

From airport to Uyuni town there are 3 option

  1. Use taxi
  2. Use bus
  3. Use airport transfer service

Use taxi

I choose theoption No.1. Depends to hotel location but it took around 5 to 10 mins.

Price is also cheap which is around 2, 3 USD and good thing is they will bring in front of hotel.

But seems like the non-regigster taxi (white taxi) which I never seen it. These taxi charge you more higher price. In order to prevent such kind of case you should deal the price with the driver first before you get inside the taxi. This action is normal when traveling. And ensure to pay it after you get all the stuff back.

Use bus

It seems that the bus runs according to the departure and arrival of the airport. However, the number is unclear.

It seems that the price is cheaper than a taxi, but considering the distance between the bus stop and the hotel, it is difficult to move with luggage.

It is not recommended to put an extra load and become altitude sickness which is quite pity.

Use airport transfer service

I didn’t use it but its bit higher than taxi. (maybe less than double)

Considering that it is arranged by hotel staff or tour companies, people who know their identities can make you ressure. I think this 3rd option was the best way.

When you return back, you should negotiate with the tour company and arrange for them to be sent to the airport after the tour is done.

I had done it on the last day and no additional fee was added too.

Arriving to Uyuni town

Uyuni town picture
Uyuni town

Once you arrive to town you should check in to hotel first. Depens on time but some hotel cannot check in the morning but stuff can be keep. Please ask the hotel side in advance by sharing your arrival time to keep your stuff.

Via you can send message to hotel staff directly.

I used Hotel Tera and the price was 17USD per night. Its no more listed at

Currently the cheapest hotel is Hotel Julia.

Hotel Julia availability (

I just pass my stuff to hotel and went to book the tour.

Famous amoung Japanese “HODAKA MOUNTAIN”

For Japanese tour company “HODAKA MOUNTAIN” is well known.

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

Traveling in oversea

Article about Japan is also updating time by time.

Traveling in Japan

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