Croatia world heritage Plitivice Lake trip #2


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Next morning move to Zagreb by domestic flight and went to Plitivice Lake national park which is registered as world heritage site.

To go to Plitivice from Dubrovnik there are 2 way bus or flight.

Due to my schedule I used domestic flight to move to Zagreb which is bit expensive.


What is Plitivice Lake National park

One of Croatia’s most famous tourist attractions, the Plitvice Lakes National Park, was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 1979.

It is a national park with more than 16 small lakes shining in emerald green & 90 waterfalls including Croatia’s largest “Veriki Waterfall” .

The fantastic nature of clear water and trees can be enjoyed at any time of season but the best season is said to be summer.

Plitivice Lake National Park photo
Plitivice Lake National Park

Recommand way of sightseeing at Plitivice Lake

Since June was just the beginning of summer, it was just before the high season, so I could make a reservation easily, but if you plan to go to July / August, make a reservation as soon as possibile same concept with the hotel in Dubrovnik.

I booked private tour via Viator. It was 8hr private tour and fee was 180USD per person.

The contents of tour was outdoor war museum, Rastoke village & Plitivice Lake. To be honest war museum was not necessary to go for me.

Outdoor war museum

You can see the tank and fighter which was used during the war.

Some of it you can go inside and ride so if you not intrested in these things you’d better pass this course and secure your time more at the Plitivice Lake.

Internal of tank photo
Internal of tank
Fighter photo

Rastoke village a town with water and nature

Rastoke village is historical town which is in between Slunjčica river & Korana river. Also register as cultural heritage.

It is also called small Plitivice and you can feel the fantasy enviroment from the view of river crossing between each houses. There’s nothing special to do there but can relax by listening to the sound of the river before depart to Plitivice Lake.

Rastoke village view
Rastoke village
Rastoke village view
Rastoke village

Plitivice Lake National Park world heritage of Croatia

At Plitivice you will do hikking with tour guide. You can see 16 lakes which is connected to the waterfall. Go around to see both north (upper lake) and south (lower lake) lake by walk and at the end you can enjoy crusing with forest at the Kozlak lake which is the most biggest lake in Plitivice.

From November to March the operation of train and boat is stopped meaning during that period you just need to walk every where.

It’s possible to walk both upper lake and lower lake but need many energy.

Plitivice Lake National Park photo
Plitivice Lake National Park

The tour is incluidng the entrance fee as well. During early summer its consider as rainy season and unfortunately during my visit to Plitivice was raining.

If raining you might feel cold. Basically you will become warm while walking around but when you go neraby the waterfall, water splash is so many and you’ll get wet so you should bring raincort.

Pitivice waterfall photo
Pitivice waterfall

Walk with your guide through the promenade.

Walk along the promenade that you saw from the entrance earlier and go to the main waterfall.

Plitivice promenade and waterfall photo
Plitivice promenade and waterfall

The waterfall’s splashes are pretty amazing, so it’s a good idea to bring a rain cort.

Plitivice photo
Plitivice photo

After seeing the waterfall, we will move through another promenade. The walking distance is quite long, so you should wear comfortable shoes. At this time, I was wearing sneakers because I didn’t know the existence of trekking shoes, but I wish I had used Gore-Tex products, which are resistant to rain and breathability from this time.

You can even purchase by reasonable price from famous brand so you may try from that first.

My 1st trekking Gore-Tex shoes was Timberland brand.

I had write the other country article which I had gone. Time by time I'm writing so I hope it will be reference for your trip.

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