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I ate abura soba (oil soba) for the first time when I was unniversity student.

From that I became a big fan of abora soba. When I was at Nagoya almost every week I ate it.

After working at overseas I seldome eat it. But this time able to manage my time to go there.

It’s really delicious. If you never eat or want to now the difference between Mazesoba please review this.

Unfortunately in Malaysia there are no shop who serves abura soba but the similar things has. Please check from below link if you are intrested.

#49 Speciality of Nagoya Taiwan mazesoba


Speciality in oil soba Nagoya “Kajiken”


Difference between oil soba and mazesoba

Actually I didn’t know that mazesoba and oil soba is different.

Actually I thought both were and just how it call was different. But it’s similar but not same.

Oil soba (abura soba)

It’s kind of ramen without soup.

Inside the bowl the soy sause base sirrop is used with sesame oil and you need to eat with chili oil and venegar to mix up to eat.

You need to make sure all the sause will well mix with the noodles.

One more different point is the oil. Oil soba is using botanical type so you don’t feel heavy.


Mazesoba is mixed soba.

Soup is used but less and the all ingredients are mixed up so no need to do by yourself.

Just slightly mix with some toppings and eat it.

There is the mazesoba named Taiwan mazesona which is this restaurant Hanabi menu is also called Nagoya meal.

The oil using at mazesoba is animal oil which might make you feel heavy.

Kajiken menu

Each shop has there own original menu. For more info please refer to Kajiken official homepage. But only Japanese…

Nagoya abura soba Kajiken

To order your meal you need to buy the ticket from vending machine and pass the ticket to the staff. The good thing is normal and large is same price 500 yen (5 USD).


I ordered Wafu muso abura soba.

Wafu means Japanese style. The taste become more like Japanese.

Kajiken aburasoba

Fish flake powder and plum combination make the taste fresh and really liked this taste.

Topping varient is plenty you can find you own topping.

How to eat is also displayed. You need to use vinegar and chile sause to give accent to your taste.

Kajiken how to eat

Restaurant Info

Nagoya station will be the good place to visit.

If you want to see other shop please refer to official homepage.

Address:Nagoya Summit Hotel, 1f, 5-5 Tsubakichō, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0015, Japan

Operation hour:Monday ~ Thursday;11:00 ~ 22:45、Friday ~ Sunday;11:00 ~ 20:00

Please eat this delicious Nagoya food.

For my personal opinion abura soba is more better than mazesoba because abura soba doesn’t feel so heavy.

If you like more oilly food maybe mazesoba is better but you can also have that in Nagoya since there are also famous Taiwan Mazesoba in Nagoya.

#49 Speciality of Nagoya Taiwan mazesoba

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