Narita wandring trip#2 The famous restaurant to choose for “unagi”

kawatoyo unajyu

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There are many famous unagi restaurants in Narita which is continuing to open for a long time.

This is my first time to eat unajyu in Narita so I choosed the restaurant is “Kawatoyo” which is started from 105 years ago.

I decided this restaurant because it was often introduced on TV in the past and when I see they were cutting and cooking ugagi in front of the restaurant.


Long established unagi restaurant Kawatoyo serving traditional taste of unajyu

Meal is only unagi but they also have carp food.

Unajyu menu is

  • Extra large unajyu 1.5 unagi size 51USD
  • Large unajyu 1unagi size 36USD
  • Unajyu 2/3 unagi size27USD

I ordered Large unajyu.

You might feel it’s expensive when order extra large but actually considering the all price it seems to be cheaper than expected. If you eat unagi at Hamamatsu (Shizuoka) or Nagoya (Aichi) the price is more higher.

Kawatoyo Large unajyu

They are using special sause for flavoring unajyu which is used from the opening of restaurant.

As mention in homepage also there policy is freshly cut, freshly steamed, and freshly grilled unagi so unagi is very soft and when you eat you can smell the charcoal which was used to grilled the unagi.

Understand the even weekday it can become long queue.

This two-floor wooden architecture seems to be registered as a registered tangible cultural property of Japan, and it has a structure that feels like you are in Edo era.

It depends on what kind of taste you like but definitely this should be 1 of the best unajyu restaurant.

Restaurant Info

If you are intrested you can refer to Kawatoyo homepage in below link

kawatoyohonten | english-menu (

Kawatoyo Honten location

Location of Kawatoyo is on the way to Naritasan if you walk from Narita station at the right side of the road.

In front of the restaurant chef is cutting and grilling the unagi so you cannot miss.

It’s not possible to take reservation so take note on that.

Address:Nakamachi386, Narita, Chiba, Japan, 286-0027

Operation hour:10:00 ~ 17:00 (L.O)


Narita wandering trip#1

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